Brands that create the most positive conversation in their category grow 4x faster –London School of Economics

Our philosophy is simple: help brands be more talked-about. We start by uncovering insights that inspire a Conversation­worthy Idea. Then we develop a strategy that helps it spread.

How We Uncover Conversation­worthy Ideas

We arrive at Conversation­worthy Ideas through a “4C” analysis. First, we use social listening tools to uncover Cultural trends and topics consumers are already talking about. Next, we employ Consumer research to uncover original insights, and evaluate Category conversation through semiotics analysis. Finally, we determine what differentiates the Company. At the intersection of these insights, we find the Conversation­worthy Idea.

How They Spread

Once we have a Conversation­worthy Idea, we create a Comms plan to help the idea spread. This involves identifying the different stages of the consumer journey, and the best messages and channels at each stage. Integrated campaigns often include traditional and non-traditional channels across multiple phases of the journey. Sometimes, we also create one-off ideas to create spikes in conversation around specific messages.