Fresh As Del—Del Taco

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The hardest working hands in fast food

While Del Taco isn’t number one in market share, they do have the freshest food in the category. To tell that story, we launched a campaign starring real employees, who mix, grill and slice around the clock to serve the freshest food you can buy from a drive thru. The campaign led to a 2.7% increase in overall sales in 2018—some of the strongest sales in the industry.

A bold new look

To support the launch, we gave Del Taco a bold new look that nods to their fifty-four-year history, with shapes and textures inspired by their SoCal heritage and Mexican roots.

#Fresh As Del

To drive the campaign, we created the hashtag #FreshAsDel to let fans know exactly what Del Taco stands for in a tone that made people actually use it. We also doubled-down on our social media programs with Instagram contests, new Snapchat filters, and in-store activations inspired by the hashtag.

French Fry Soap

Eau de French Fry is an artisan bar soap that smells just like Del Taco's world-famous fries. The bars sold out in just 11 minutes, and were listed on eBay shortly after for over $100. Eau de French Fry also got 310+ on-air TV mentions in less than a day.

A bar of soap with the Del Taco logo sitting in a dish next to a box labeled "Eau de French Fry"