Papadia Sticker Pack—Papa John’s

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It’s a new day at Papa John’s, and that means new products. So for the launch of the new Papadia, we created a sticker pack featuring Shaq and the Papadias to let fans show off their love. The stickers are available on iMessage, Giphy, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more.

Outsourced Illustration, In‑House Creation

The team at Camp + King tapped an illustrator to bring the concepts to life with a stand-out, pencil-drawn style. From those drawings, we were able to finesse everything from perfect pepper placement to the twinkle in Shaq’s eye.

They really, really liked it!

The stickers have taken off. We worked with the Papa John’s app team to push the stickers out to the entire app fanbase and Shaq helped us spread the word on his social channels.