Do Nothing—UGG

  • Integrated Campaign
  • Product Design
  • Social & Digital

Do Nothing in UGG

The team at Ugg wanted more men to give their shoes a try. But 65% of guys didn’t even know Ugg made shoes for men. And those who did, thought of Ugg as a female brand. To change their perception, we chose Ugg slippers as our Trojan horse, giving us a way to break into male closets and convince guys of the brand’s comfort appeal. To headline the campaign, we collaborated with two legends who earn their downtime: the Dude himself, and Ugg spokesman Tom Brady. Then we launched the campaign during Tom’s historic four-game NFL suspension, when he was famously sidelined on his couch.

Partnerships and influencers

To support the launch, we integrated retail design, digital and social, and partnerships with NFL Redzone. We also created over fifty pairs of custom slippers for celebrity influencers, including Seth Rogen, Dwyane Wade, Rob Gronkowski, and others, earning thousands of free social impressions from those who posted their new kicks. After the launch, we saw a 20% rise in men’s sales and an 81% lift in conversation about the brand.

The Do Nothing Penalty Box

Finally, we partnered with stadiums across the NHL network to build the “Do Nothing Penalty Box,” a place where hockey players could kick back and put up their feet in the middle of a hockey game. The penalty box was mentioned continuously during broadcasts, as players entered and exited our branded Ugg experience.