The right agent can lead the way—RE/MAX

  • Integrated Campaign
  • Social & Digital
  • Television

The right agent can lead the way

For many of us, these last few years have helped make home the focal point of our lives. With this shift in priorities, we helped RE/MAX create a timely, emotionally-driven campaign reflecting the range of feelings that buying or selling a home can stir up.

Our campaign’s hero film, All Together, was inspired by data that showed demand for multi-generational homes was through the roof. As RE/MAX’s first foray into long-form storytelling, it helped our audience connect with the brand in an even deeper way.

The right point of view

Each story was brought to life from a uniquely personal perspective – including from the point of view of home-buyers, sellers, agents, and even front doors. And at the heart of every story, there’s a RE/MAX agent ready to lead the way home.