Wish-Cycling—Grove Collaborative

  • Integrated Campaign
  • Social & Digital
  • Television

Recycling has a dirty little secret.

Grove Collaborative is transforming household products into a force for good. But standing in their way is a common misconception that recycling is the answer to the plastic crisis. Too bad it's just wishful thinking—because only 9% of plastic is actually recycled, no matter how much we put in the bin.

To help spread the mindblowing news, we created Grove’s first-ever brand campaign, featuring their Global Brand and Sustainability Advocate, Drew Barrymore. Having made the switch to a sustainable lifestyle herself, Drew was the perfect voice to deliver a dose of reality to all the wish-cyclers out there.

More Press. Less Plastic.

The Wish-Cycling campaign has helped more people consider their true environmental footprint and ways to improve it, leading to tons of press for the brand and an uptick in conversations about sustainability on social media.